Protection Advice

Advice on protecting your home, income, life and critical illness cover.

Protection should the worst happen


Taking on a mortgage is likely to be your biggest financial commitment you will ever make.

Having searched before finally finding your dream home, it’s important to consider the risks involved and the events that could impact you from been able to stay in your home.

There are lots of policies available out there to help protect you against those risks.

As your mortgage advisor I will work with you to explore the different scenarios that could pop up. We will discuss how these would impact not just your ability to maintain your mortgage payments but how this could also impact your lifestyle and future goals.

Where appropriate, I will make recommendations and provide solutions to safeguard against those risks. Any advice will factor in any cover you may already have to ensure that you are not over insuring yourself.

Different protection options

Whilst understandably nobody would wish to consider what could happen to them, a mortgage is a long-term commitment, and nobody has a crystal ball when it comes to their own health.

In the event the worst should happen whilst you have a mortgage, it is re-assuring to know there are lots of different options available to help protect your, your income and your home:

·    Life Insurance

·    Critical Illness

·    Income Protection

·    Family Income Benefit

·    Unemployment cover

·    Accident and Sickness cover

·    Buildings Insurance

·    Contents Insurance

With access to a wide panel of insurers, I will work with you to discuss your priorities and goals before then presenting back any recommendations only where there is a need for these.

As with all insurances, exclusions and conditions will apply.

Have questions regarding protection?

Fantastic, let me answer any questions you have relating to protecting your life, your income or your home.