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Having worked with you to ensure you have the right mortgage to buy your new or next home, It is our duty to help you identify the risks that could prevent you being able to live in your home, or the risks that could impact on your possessions. 

When it comes to any insurance you really do get what you pay for.


Balancing quality of cover, additional cover options added and cost are all part of the financial advice we will provide you with, so you know any insurance policies taken are as unique and individual as you are. We work with a selection of insurers and can provide cover that is rated 5 star by Defaqto so you know your home and the things within it you love are secure and protected.

Whilst you won't get a fluffy meerkat for any policies that we arrange for you, you will receive a policy that meets your needs, is underwritten by an insurer with a good claims payout history and that you fully understand what is covered, and what is not, before paying any premiums.

Home insurance can be taken any of three variations. Buildings only insurance. Contents only Insurance or a combined policy insuring both buildings and contents.

Buildings Insurance covers the structure to your home along with the internal fixtures and fittings. When taking out a mortgage lenders will insist that you have at least the buildings insured. You are not obliged to take buildings insurance with any particular insurer though your mortgage offer will confirm the cover level needs to be adequate and acceptable to the lender. 

Contents Insurance covers the belongings within your home. There are additional levels of cover you can include within your policy to tailor it to your own specific needs and circumstances. Some such optional extras may be Personal Belongings away from home, Garden contents cover, Home emergency or Legal Cover. Each of these extras will cover a variety of risks and events so its worth ensuring you have the required cover levels in place.

Buildings and Contents Insurance Combined. This type of policy ensures both the buildings and all your possessions within it are insured. This policy can also include the variety of optional extras tailored to meet your specific insurance needs.

There are multiple factors which can impact your premiums such as, claims history, post code of your home, extras added to the policy, level of cover required, excess payable including excess for different types of claims, accidental damage add on to name but a few. 

Speaking to an insurance specialist can ensure you have the right policy for your needs at a competitive price to suit your budget.

Home & Contents Insurance

Cover for your home and the possessions you love

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