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First Time Buyer Mortgages

Professional advice and support to help you buy your first home

First time buyer mortgage considerations

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting times in your life, as you look forward to taking the first steps towards joining the property ladder and gaining your sense of independence.

Many first time buyers often express their confusion with the whole house buying process. With no previous experience and so much choice, so many different mortgage lenders and so many different sets of mortgage criteria it can feel like a daunting experience.

It is our role as your mortgage brokerage to simplify the process, to fully understand your current circumstances and future aspirations so that we can find you a mortgage, from the whole of the market, that fits in with your plans.

With over 20 years mortgage experience, helping thousands of clients, we will remove the confusion often associated with the mortgage and home buying process, leaving you free to focus your energy on the more exciting elements of the journey; such as your soft furnishings, how you will decorate and where your furniture will go.

Whether you have seen a house already or you are wanting to start to gather information in advance of looking for houses there is lots to consider, and lots you can be doing to best prepare for your mortgage application.


View a short video of the house buying process.

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This is the amount of a houses price you agree to put down. You can put down as little as a 5% deposit, giving you a 95% mortgage*.

The greater the size of your deposit, the less you will need to borrow and so it is always advisable to put down as big a deposit as you can afford. The smaller your mortgage is in relation to your houses value the more competitive your interest rate will likely be. In addition to this, reducing your mortgage balance will help reduce your mortgage payments.

*95% First time buyer mortgages may require additional schemes such as help to buy/first home fund or family assistance.

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hOW much can i borrow?

The amount you may be able to borrow as a first time buyer will take into consideration a number of different factors, such as;

  • Your salary

  • Any additional benefits or income

  • Your current expenditure

  • Any planned future expenditure

  • Future changes to income or expenditure

  • How big a deposit you have

  • Check your credit report here.

  • The number of people who are financially dependant on you

Before beginning the search for your first home it is advisable to establish your maximum borrowing range to ensure you are only considering houses within your borrowing range.

Many lenders will consider different factors when calculating how much a first time buyer can borrow and not all lenders will agree to the same loan amount.


Obtaining an agreement in principle before searching will confirm your borrowing capacity

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First time buyer mortgages

With so many options available, from so many different lenders it can be hard to know which type of mortgage is right for you.

As your mortgage advisor it is my responsibility to discuss your circumstances, plans and future aspirations with you so I can provide advice and make a recommendation on the right first time buyer mortgage product for you.

I will explain what I have recommended, why I have done so along with how this fits in with your current and future lifestyle plans.

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