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Critical Illness Cover

Support yourself and your family financially when you most need it.

Taking on a mortgage is a long term financial commitment. Ensuring you and your family are fully aware of all the risks associated with taking on such a commitment is as important to us as ensuring you have the right mortgage is.


Ensuring you and your family can stay in your home should the worst happen is at the heart of our advice.



"It's our job to get you in your new home, it's our duty to ensure you and your family can remain there should the worst happen"

Whilst we all hope that we will never become seriously ill, particularly whilst young and in good health, sadly this does happen all too often. Recent studies completed by Cancer Research highlight that;

  • 1 in 2 people in the UK born after 1960 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime.

Those unfortunate to be diagnosed with a critical illness would wish they had some form of insurance to help them take away some of the financial burden whilst they focus on their health and recovery.

As with life insurance claims are paid out as a cash lump sum, tax free under current legislation. The amount paid out can be used for any reason you chose whether that be to repay your mortgage, to make home adaptations if required, to install wet rooms, downstairs bathrooms, stair lifts, widen doorways to accommodate a wheelchair, to lower light switches and raise plug sockets if these need to be reached from a wheelchair, to pay for private medical care or simply to provide a financial cushion and pay for family holidays. 

The policy is there in essence to make a very difficult time a little bit easier by taking away some of the financial worries that may occur from not being able to work whilst you undergo treatments.

Policies can be arranged on a level or decreasing basis and over a term to mirror your individual needs and circumstances. Different insurers will each have their own underwriting requirements, policy exclusions and varying degrees of illness' covered. In addition to this some insurers will offer what is known as ABI+, in essence their policy will pay out on certain claims at less advanced stages off illness.

Due to the differences in cover levels, illness' covered and the need to factor in current health seeking advice for this very important area of protection is always best practice.

All insurance will be subject to medical underwriting to determine the level of cover available and the premiums that will apply.


As with all insurances policy exclusions and conditions will apply.

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