Low Credit Score Mortgages

Mortgage advice for those with a less than perfect credit history

Get a Mortgage with bad credit

If you have had previous credit blips but are now looking to try and get your first or new mortgage then whilst your options may be reduced there may still be mortgages available to you depending on your credit history.


Specialist bad credit mortgage lenders will take into account your borrowing history, repayment track record and overall financial position.


As a whole of market mortgage broker with access to specialist and mainstream lenders I can help you best identify which lenders are available based on your individual circumstances.

Life throws lots of challenges and more than ever before lenders are aware sometimes credit history and repayment track record may be less than perfect. It is my job to work with you to understand your own circumstances, credit file and then present a recommendation best matched to those.


As a whole of market mortgage broker, with access to specialist lenders as well as high street lenders I can help you work through your options for getting a mortgage. The length of time you have been discharged will influence the choice of lenders available.


If you have previously had defaults, or still have defaults, registered against you this doesn't always mean getting a mortgage is out of the question. The number, value and dates of the defaults will have an impact on your eligibility.


The number of county court judgements, the date registered and the balances on each can all impact your eligibility for a mortgage. I can talk through your credit history with you and then research the whole of the mortgage market to present the best solution possible for your circumstances.

Missed Payments

If you have previously had late or missed payments, whether these are on a mortgage or unsecured borrowing this will have an impact on the choice of lenders available. There are however mortgage lenders who will consider those who have missed borrowing repayments.

Debt Management Plans

Working with specialist lenders and with years of industry experience, I have access to mortgages to help those who have debt management plans in place.

Credit History

The first place to start when reviewing your options if you have had previous credit blips is to review your credit report. Together we can discuss the information and agree a plan to help you get mortgage ready.


Have questions about getting a mortgage with bad credit? Get in touch to learn more.

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