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5% Deposit?

Whole of Market Advice for those needing to borrow 95% 

If you are looking to buy your first home, or move onto a larger home to suit your growing family, then the launch of the Governments new 95% mortgage scheme may just help you realise your dreams sooner than you hoped.

The scheme is designed to help those with just a 5% deposit obtain a mortgage for a new home. The scheme can be used by first time buyers or home movers with a maximum purchase price for your new home set at £600,000.

Several high street lenders have signed up to the government backed 95% mortgage scheme which will provide house buyers with more  choice and availability of mortgage rates.

In addition to the government backed scheme, several mortgage providers have re-launched their own 95% mortgage ranges, to provide those with a 5% deposit the opportunity to buy their first or new homes.

To find out how much you can borrow, book an appointment for an informal discussion and review of your needs and circumstances.

Whether you buy your new home using a mortgage backed by the new 95% Government scheme, or use a lender who offer their own 95% loan to value mortgages there is no difference for yourself which means as your broker I can look from across the whole of the market to find the right mortgage lender and deal for your circumstances.

Preparing for your mortgage Application

In order to make your mortgage application as simple and quick as possible it helps to have the following ready to hand for your appointment

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